An artist's representation of what I might evolve into if I end up blindly subscribing to the ideologies that I intend to critically examine.

research interests

A tentative agenda for my PhD

I intend to focus on using a mixed-methods approach to study the evolving relationship between AI and unemployment, the ways by which technology continues to affect and alter human relationships, physiology and sexuality (on both, a cognitive level, as well as a more visceral level), and the manner by which consumer markets in different geographies would change as various Transhumanist technologies steadily achieve economies of scale. Over time, I believe that the work carried out on these fronts would push the boundaries of what we know about AI's equation with society, Transhumanism, and the future of Globalization.

In the spirit of believing that fortune favors the bold, I would want my life’s work to contribute towards a critical understanding of how colonial life on Mars might be, someday. Apart from the innumerable scientific concerns that the academic community would have, many sociological and philosophical inquiries would have to be made in order to address concerns and problems within the areas of culture, politics and gender, as they manifest themselves on the Red Planet in the latter half of this century. Interestingly enough, a recent edition of Futures focused exclusively on the concerns surrounding Human Colonization, so I believe that I might end up working on this a lot sooner than I would have expected.

Home, Sweet Home?

Prior Research Experience

Titled “Limitless: An Interpretivist, Investigative study on the use of Modafinil in Manipal, India”, my MA thesis studied the use of the nootropic drug ‘Modafinil’ on my university's campus, where I used ethnography and auto-ethnography to obtain unstructured data. I then proceeded to analyze this data using literature pertaining to the Sociology of Health, the Sociology of Drugs, and other relevant sources that allowed me to situate the reasons for the use of Modafinil within the ideology of Transhumanism, with a moderate degree of success.

For my undergraduate dissertation, “A correlation between China’s demand for Oil and Global Oil prices”, I chose to study the various qualitative economic factors underlying both regional and International pricing strategies in the Petroleum Industry.


professional affiliations

  • American Sociological Association: Student Member (2019 - Present)
  • Wisconsin Sociological Association: Student Member (2019 - Present)
  • World Futures Studies Federation: Associate Member (2018 - Present)


  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Chancellor's Graduate Student Award (2019)
  • Ashoka University: Half-tuition scholarship for the Young India Fellowship Program from Genpact, India (2014)