Hello there!

My name is Shiv Issar, and I'm a current Doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My research interests lie within the spheres of Science and Technology Studies (STS), Urban Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Futures Thinking.

Prior to my shift into academia, I worked at a proprietary education firm, in the automotive industry, and operated a couple of start-ups during my time as an undergraduate business major.

Born and brought up in India, I changed seven schools while growing up, on account of being in a military family. The city of Pune, however, has (mostly) been home to me since about 2005.

Before I started working on my PhD, I earned a BBA in International Business from Symbiosis International University in 2012, and an MA in Sociology from Manipal University in 2018. I was also a Young India Fellow at Ashoka University between 2014-15.

Outside of academia, I particularly enjoy hiking, traveling, and both rural & urban exploration on the saddle of a bicycle. I'm also enthusiastic about cooking, and especially partial towards spending my time with a good video game or sci-fi movie!